Having to repeatedly change locations can be death to the independent filmmaker, especially when on a tight budget. This necessitated the creation of an infrastructure, designed to give independent filmmakers all the tools they need to make their films in one location. John Schneider Studios is here to support those filming on such a tight budget.

J.S.S. is located 45 minutes from the Baton Rouge airport, 50 minutes from the New Orleans airport, and sits on 58 acres. It features: a river, lake, swamp, baseball field, expansive fields, Olympic size swimming pool, as well as a full 5 acres of Southeast Asia-like giant bamboo, nestled against the Tickfaw River.

Two large houses, built near the turn of the last century, provide not only production and postproduction space, but locations as well. Each can be dressed and redressed to fulfill a multitude of needs. We have two 5,000 square ft. sound stages with more being built.

Need to edit your film on site? No problem. J.S.S. offers Premiere, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Editor Suite, as well as Avid editing systems, which live on a state of the art computer system. Again, this is designed so that independent filmmakers, as well as their postproduction team can remain onsite and finish their dream.

Our team can also help deal with the legal stuff. We can assist with setting up your LLC, and take advantage of the tax credits the state of Louisiana has to offer.




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John has a television show for every generation; from Bo on “Dukes of Hazzard” in the 80s, to Jonathan Kent on “Smallville”, and now Judge Jim Cryer in the smash Tyler Perry hit in “The Haves and the Have Nots”. He’s also starred numerous television movies and big screen films over the last 35 years.

With 14 albums under his belt, John is also innately aware of the needs of the musician, along with the scoring and incidental music of cinema.

When John’s not acting, he’s spending time at John Schneider Studios, and he has a very clear vision for what the studios will become. At his core, he’s always considered himself a storyteller, so he’s excited about having a place where he can tell those stories, and help others do the same.

We are proud of our partnership with Hollywood Rentals.

The above photo of John was taken by Brian D. Perkins, Perkography.

Amy Konieczka took most of the location photos featured on our site. You can see more of her work at theAmyK.com