John Schneider

The Odyssey Continues

May 22 at 4:00 PM PDT - 30 Minute Show
Price: Pay What You Can


WE HAD SUCH A SUCCESS WITH "BO'S EXTRAVAGANZA that we are planning another "Bo" event for Christmas!

We're having a "Bozaar" (kind of like a "Bazaar" but with "Bo" instead) on December 1st and 2nd and I want you to come so bad that I put together a "4 for 2” deal on tickets and parking!

Buy 2 tickets... get 2 tickets free! So when you buy 2 tickets I send you 4!

Tickets are $45 each for each day and parking is $20 for each day.

45 + 45 = 90 + 20 = $110 for ONE day.

BUT... Buy your 4 for 2 special before June 1st and you'l get that deal x 2 for $110!

That's a $220 value for only $110!

Make your plans to come listen to great music with world famous artists, get autographs, take the kiddo's on rides and see amazing stunts all at John Schneider Studios right here in Holden, Louisiana!

Don’t worry... we are putting together a VIP package that will include events on Friday night also but haven't figured that out yet. It will also be "Buy 2 - get 4” and you will be able to upgrade for General admission.

It's ALL good!

I'll see you here!


Bo's Bozaar Tickets


Mac Davis. What a writer. What a talent. With this song he not only immediately transports you & me to a bar somewhere down in Mexico but he introduces us to a room full of new friends. It’s one of those great story songs that invite you in. It’s inclusive and has you singing right along with the crowd and eating nachos right away. I think this is going to be one of those songs that will live on six inches from every margarita poured from here on out!