The machine or the filmmaker?

Just as country music was snatched from the hands of the lables in the 90’s

The indie filmmaker is taking charge of not only the way they tell stories but the way they distribute them

That’s why it’s more important than ever for you, the consumer, the fan, the indie filmmaker to determine weather you are feeding the machine…

Or the filmmaker.

Consider that we make movies from our own pockets or the pockets of close friends. We are all ALL IN in everything, every night and every day.

When You watch one of my films (or any indie film) on Amazon i might get a few pennies.

When you watch one of our films in NetFlix I/we will get 1000/01.

When you watch one of my/ our films on Vimeo or Cineflixdod we/I will make 90% of whatever you spent on it.


We are in the business to commit, execute, succeed and repeat.

We can only do that at 90%.

So… support indie films but make sure you support them through the platform that will allow the dreamer to keep Dream, the storyteller to keep telling and the filmmaker to keep making films.

Thanks for your support.

Now watch this movie everyone is SCREAMING about. It’s $4.99. The price of a cup of burnt coffee at Starbucks.

Dream Bigger!