The Man. The Actor.



In 1979 Schneider got his “big break” when he landed the role of Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard. The show ran for seven seasons with the characters becoming the impulsive, youthful voices for a generation of fun-loving southerners. The show broke barriers by representing southern life as it is, rather than using it as the butt of a joke. They were portrayed as crafty, sharp and hard working people which is what makes the show a classic to this day. The show remains in syndication today and has inspired dozens of popular culture symbols including the iconic Dodge Charger “General Lee” and the Daisy Duke shorts trend.



The Father For A Generation

In 2001 Schneider landed the role of the ultimate father figure — Superman’s dad Jonathon Kent — on the CW’s Smallville. The series tells the story of Superman’s roots growing up in Smallville, Kansas. The show ran for ten seasons and became the longest running North American science fiction series. Smallville spawned a new generation of Superman fans resulting in a young-adult novel series and a DC Comics bi-monthly series which continued the Smallville story for several years after the shows end. As the patriarch of the Kent family, Schneider’s character played an influential role in Clark’s life until his untimely death in the 100th episode of the series. Schneider also served as a director on several episodes of the series.

Still going strong since 1981…

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